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Providing leadership on energy in Wales

We lead the energy agenda in Wales working with partners to build capacity to achieve our shared goals, and to taking action to improve what we are responsible for.

We will set out our vision – clearly and consistently – and use our influence to improve areas outside our responsibility.

We recognise the importance of a coherent vision and framework for investors and communities. We also recognise we have a key role to play in improving the planning and consenting regime, and putting in place a 21st Century energy infrastructure.

In Wales Infrastructure Investment Plan, we will set out how we ensure our investments are strategically prioritised. We will:

  • get better value from the money we are investing
  • lever more funding into public sector infrastructure investment to boost jobs and growth
  • make best use of our assets.

We will ensure that future energy investment is aligned with our wider government priorities and maximises collaborative opportunities.

In this Government term we will:

  • improve the planning and consenting regimes
  • work to put in place a 21st century energy infrastructure
  • coordinate and prioritise delivery through the Energy Programme.

What we have done

We have created the Energy Wales Programme to coordinate our efforts.

We have created Natural Resources Wales. This brings environmental regulatory responsibilities together into a single body.

Industry has told us that planning and consenting is a concern. We will publish a draft Planning Reform Bill and White Paper at the end of 2013, for introduction to the Assembly in 2014. We are also working on a further Planning Consolidation Bill to bring together all existing acts.

We continue to press UK Government for the devolution of powers for the consenting of all energy projects and related infrastructure, with the exception of nuclear power. This would enable us to realise our ambition to put in place a single, streamlined and transparent process for Wales.

To read about all the progress, read the First Minister’s oral statement on the progress of Energy Wales.