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Act now for Wales’ long term energy future

We will take advantage of opportunities to move to low carbon economy and create long term wealth.

Wales needs to be innovating, researching and developing the low carbon technologies that will power our future.

‘Low Carbon, Energy and Environment’ is identified as one of the three ‘Grand Challenges’ in our national science strategy, Science for Wales. This reflects the academic excellence in Wales and our high calibre businesses. It complements our aim to support our businesses and academics to work together to take advantage of commercial opportunities.

We will focus our efforts on areas of projected growth and competitive advantage to ensure Wales benefits from its own energy potential. In unlocking our own energy potential, we will strengthen Wales’ resilience and develop clusters of knowledge, goods and services that can be exported to the rest of the world. This will create the basis for our future economic prosperity.

In this Government term we will:

  • put in place initiatives to ensure Wales is best placed to unlock the energy in our seas
  • lead the way to the next generation of technologies to support our smart living ambitions.

What we have done

We have consented the marine licence to the Marine Current Turbines’ Skerries project (external link) for their tidal array in February 2013.

Tidal Energy Limited’s Deltastream (external link) has secured £1.6m of Welsh Government supported European funding. This is the latest round of funding we have committed to the project.

Our Marine Energy Infrastructure Study considered the infrastructure needs of the marine industry and identified actions to help develop the sector in Wales. We have also commissioned research to understand the possible benefits that the marine energy sector could bring to Wales.

To read about all the progress, read the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs'  Oral Statement on Energy (external link).