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Wales Coast Path

The Wales Coast Path was the first continuous route along a national coast.

The 870 mile Wales Coast Path was launched in May 2012. In addition to those who wish to walk along the Path, some sections of the route are ideal for:

  • people with disabilities
  • families with prams/buggies
  • those on horse back
  • cyclists.

The Wales Coast Path connects with Offa’s Dyke National Trail (external link) to create a unique continuous 1030 mile path around Wales.

Temporary diversions

From time to time it is necessary to temporarily divert sections of the Wales Coast Path - mostly for reasons of public safety.  Please visit Wales Coast Path – temporary diversions (external link) for further details.

Ongoing management and funding

In 2015 it was agreed that Natural Resources Wales (external link) would take on the responsibility for the management and promotion of the Wales Coast Path.  The decision was made in order to provide a secure footing for this iconic feature of the Welsh coastline.

We have provided Natural Resources Wales with additional funding for this purpose and agreement that £4.5 million is to be ring-fenced for the first five years (2015-2020).  This will ensure that the Wales Coast Path continues to be improved for the enjoyment of all users and the benefit of communities.

More information

Natural Resources Wales has managed the programme to complete the Path. More information on the Wales Coast Path can be found on the official Wales Coastal Path website (external link).