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Wales Biodiversity Partnership

The Wales Biodiversity Partnership brings together key players from the public, private and voluntary sectors to promote and monitor biodiversity in Wales.

We work closely with the Wales Biodiversity Partnership (WBP) which coordinates biodiversity action in Wales by providing leadership and expert advice. It contributes to the delivery of global, European and national targets for biodiversity and ecosystems. The WBP is made up of a Strategy Board, a wider partnership and a support team.

Members of the wider partnership participate in ecosystems and species expert groups which advise the Strategy Board. They influence decision-making and contribute to the development of policy.

Everyone in Wales has a role to play in enhancing biodiversity and ecosystems in Wales. Membership of the wider partnership is free and open to all organisations and individuals who have an interest in biodiversity and ecosystems conservation and enhancement.

For more information please visit the Wales Biodiversity Partnership website (external link).