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Sustainable development and climate change annual report 2015

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The latest annual report was published in March 2016. This report fulfils our duties under section 79(6) of the Government of Wales Act 2006 and Section 80 of the Climate Change Act 2008.

It therefore covers our progress on sustainable development as well as climate change since April 2014.

The climate change section of the report sets out progress made against our headline commitments on emission reduction and adaptation by main sectors and summarises some of the key activity that has been taken forward.

This year’s report sets out that we have once again met our 3% annual emissions target. In setting out the contribution to the 3% target from each of the key sectors, the report shows that all sectors have reduced their emissions in comparison with the baseline. In terms of progress against our wider 40% target by 2020 however, the report shows that in contrast our total emissions have decreased by 11.9% against the 1990 baseline.  In 2013 emissions in Wales rose by 10.3% compared with 2012 driven predominantly by an increase in emissions from the iron and steel sector and a shift from natural gas to coal use in power stations.

Alongside the Report there is also a Technical Annex, which includes the performance indicators developed for each sector.

We will be moving to a new way of reporting for the next Assembly term, as required by the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015. As such this report will be the last of it’s type. It also features for the last time a commentary from Peter Davies, outgoing Commissioner for Sustainable Futures and Chair of the Climate Change Commission for Wales.