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Climate Change Strategy for Wales: First annual progress report

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The Adaptation Delivery Plan describes the actions that will fulfill the objectives of our Adaptation Framework
We have a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3% per year in areas of devolved competence.
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This report reflects progress made in implementing the measures contained in the Climate Change Strategy for Wales Emission Reduction and Adaptation Delivery Plans, which were published in October 2010.

This report does not report on Wales’ performance in 2011 for the 3% annual emission reduction target, because the relevant UK emission statistics will not be available until July 2013.

This report provides:

  • a qualitative assessment of the progress made in delivering the sector actions;
  • case studies; and
  • new performance indicators framework for tracking progress in future reports.

In this report we also respond to:

  • advice from the UK Committee on Climate Change, the independent expert advisory body to the UK Government and Devolved Administrations; and 
  • the Climate Change Commission for Wales’ First Annual Review, published in January 2012.