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Wales: Changing Climate, Challenging Choices – a scoping study of climate change impacts in Wales (2000)

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In this Policy Statement, we set out the challenge of a changing climate and the Welsh Government response.
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This study includes probable changes in climate, expert opinion on the consequences and the results of stakeholder interviews.

The report is divided into five sections:

Section 1


Section 2

Section 2 presents information on four climate change scenarios for the 2020s, the 2050s and the 2080s giving results for changes in temperature, rainfall and sea-level rise. Different scenarios are used as we still do not fully understand climate science, nor do we know the degree to which countries will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change will alter:

  • rainfall;
  • temperature;
  • sea-levels; and
  • winds.

So it will affect the Welsh natural and built environment, its coastlines and the health of its people, and may increase the frequency of flooding.

Section 3

Section 3 describes these impacts based on literature reviews and interviews with stakeholders within and outside Wales. Agriculture, forestry, and outdoor tourism, are important to the economy of Wales. Wales is a major exporter of water to England.

Section 4

Section 4 reports on the issues of stakeholders in these and other sectors. A mixture of literature, economic and stakeholder consultation is used.

Section 5

Section 5 addresses how climate change should be communicated in both an engaging and authoritative way.  We make recommendations of how climate change work should be taken forward. These appear at the end of each section.