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Business cases for action on climate change

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There are many people in organisations who are looking to take action to reduce emissions and prepare for the unavoidable impacts of climate change and who are spending time and effort in making the business case for these actions.

The Welsh Government has developed bilingual example business cases to save people this time and effort.

The example business cases set out a clear rationale for action, written in language that is meaningful to each sector. They include links to a range of resources to help organisations develop business cases for their chosen actions. Smaller organisations with fewer resources to spend time on making the case, but which could gain real benefits from taking action, are likely to find these particularly helpful.

The documents set out:

  • Your unique role: Why organisations need to act on climate change;

  • What you need to know: Climate impacts, public opinion and legislative reasons behind the case for change; 

  • Planning for change: The benefits of taking control of climate risk and success stories from each sector; 

  • Making the case for change: The questions to ask when creating a business case and how to build the information given in the document into the answers.