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Guidance on preparing for a changing climate

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Part 1 starts by setting out what we mean by ‘preparing for a changing climate’, and showing why it’s important and worthwhile.
Part 2 involves refining your climate change impacts identified in Part 1, and identifying levels of sensitivity and adaptive capacity.
Guidance to help you create an adaptation plan so your organisation can prepare for the effects of climate change.
Guidance on types of activities that can help organisations prepare for climate change and deliver and manage adaptation actions.
Guidance on assessing if your organisations aims and objectives on preparing for climate change are being met.

The Climate Change Act 2008 gives Welsh Ministers the power to issue guidance about preparing for climate change.

The Guidance addresses:

  • assessing the current and projected impact of climate change;
  • developing proposals and policies for preparing for climate change; and
  • co-operating for that purpose.

Parts 1 to 5 of the guidance can be found on the right.