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Decarbonisation programme

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The Strategy encourages everyone to take action and change what they do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
This charter allows organisations to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development.
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The Environment (Wales) Act 2016 sets out the approach to help Wales reduce its carbon emissions.

The Environment (Wales) Act places a duty on the Welsh Ministers to ensure that in 2050 net emissions are at least 80% lower than the baseline set in legislation. This will be achieved through the setting of interim targets for 2020, 2030 and 2040 and 5 yearly carbon budgets up until to 2050.

There is a duty on Welsh Ministers to prepare and publish a set of policies and proposals for the budgetary period. Welsh Ministers are also required to publish a statement of progress after each budgetary period. The UK Committee on Climate Change (UKCCC) will provide advice on the latest scientific evidence and report progress made against budget targets.

A programme has been established to implement the requirements of the act. The programme focuses on setting up the emission reduction framework including:

  • Stage 1 - Determining what we are including in our emission accounting framework
  • Stage 2 - Setting the level of interim targets and first 2 carbon budgets
  • Stage 3 - Setting out a delivery plan on how we are going to achieve the targets

The UKCCC has now released their advice on both the Net Welsh emissions account (Stage 1) (external link) and Welsh Targets and Budgets (Stage 2) (external link). These elements will be set in  regulation by the end of 2018. 

The Welsh Government responded to this advice and has now set out a policy approach

Having considered the evidence, including the UKCCC advice, Cabinet has agreed to set interim targets and first two carbon budgets. The Assembly will be asked to approve these figures within regulations towards the end of this year.

The Decarbonisation programme is running a consultation on achieving a low carbon pathway by 2030 between the 12th July – 4th October 2018. You can respond to the consultation by going to the Welsh Government consultation page or by emailing the Decarbonisation mailbox There are also easy read and young peoples available.