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If you are concerned about the health of your birds you should seek advice from your veterinary surgeon.
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It is vital that all bird keepers in the UK continue to practice the highest levels of bio-security and be vigilant for any signs of disease.

If you keep 50 or more birds you are required to register your birds with the Great Britain Poultry Register. Poultry keepers with fewer than 50 birds are also encouraged to register.

Avian Influenza (also known as ‘Bird Flu’) is a highly infectious viral disease that can affect most if not all species of birds. The virus can also be infectious to humans and other animals. Any outbreak of Avian Influenza must be controlled quickly. Workers and veterinarians in close contact with infected birds must be well protected. 

Many diseases, not only Avian influenza but also others like Newcastle disease and Salmonella and are spread by direct bird-to-bird contact. These diseases can also spread indirectly through contaminated feed, water, equipment, boots etc. More information is available on the Avian Influenza, Newcastle disease and Salmonella pages of the website. 

If in doubt about what to do, seek advice from your vet.

The Zoonoses and Animal By-Products (Fees) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2009 (external link).