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Strategy for the horse industry

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Working to foster a robust and sustainable horse industry, increase its economic value, enhance the welfare of the horse, and develop the industry's contribution to the cultural, social, educational, health and sporting life of the nation.

The strategy for the horse industry in England and Wales has been developed by the British Horse Industry Confederation in partnership with Defra, the Welsh Government and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and sets out a vision of where the industry aspires to be within 10 years.

The strategy has 8 key aims with specific action points included under each aim:

  • to bring the horse industry together and develop its national, regional and local impact
  • to increase participation in equestrianism and the social contribution of the horse industry
  • to boost the economic performance of equine businesses
  • to raise equestrian skills, training and standards
  • to increase access to off-road riding and carriage driving
  • to consider the environmental impact of the horse
  • to encourage sporting excellence
  • to improve the quality and breeding of horses and ponies.

The successful implementation of the strategy will require the continued, enthusiastic and positive efforts of everyone interested in horses or engaged in horse-related business.

The strategy is supplemented by an action plan, based on the 50 action points in the strategy. This sets out who is responsible for taking things forward, the desired final outcome, the current position and the next steps.

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