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Control of Horses (Wales) Act 2014

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The Control of Horses (Wales) Act 2014 (“the Act”) will provide further legislative tools for local authorities to use in combatting fly grazing, straying and abandonment of horses and ponies.

The Act will enable a consistent approach across Wales that will enable local authorities to deal with the unacceptable social, economic and environmental harm that the nuisance of fly grazing causes to communities in Wales.

It will provide local authorities with the powers to:

  • seize and impound horses which are on land without consent
  • sell the horses or dispose of them, including destruction by humane means if appropriate
  • recover costs reasonably incurred from the owners of horses in such circumstances.

Fly grazing is the term that has been adopted to describe actions by irresponsible horse owners who intentionally or negligently permit their horses to graze on land where they do not have the consent of the landowner. 

Further information on the passage of the Control of Horses (Wales) Bill (external link) is available on the National Assembly for Wales website.

If you are effected by fly grazing, abandoned or stray horses and ponies in your community or on your land, please contact your local Trading Standards Service (external link).