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Quarantine Units

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Six Day Standstill - Consultation on the Introduction of Quarantine Units
Biosecurity is the way farmers and owners of farm animals can reduce the risk of disease.
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Quarantine Units launched on September 11.

If you keep cattle, sheep or goats,you  can now choose between setting-up a Quarantine Unit (QU) to manage movements or continuing to adhere to the six day standstill (6DSS) rule on your whole holding.

Movements into a QU will not trigger a 6DSS on your main holding, allowing other animals to be moved off while the incoming animals observe the standstill in a QU. 

Working with industry representatives we have developed these new arrangements to replace the complex exemptions around isolation facilities and Sole Occupancy Authorities for cattle, sheep and goats. QUs will simplify the standstill regime and provide greater flexibility while maintaining movement controls to help prevent the spread of disease.

There are no changes for pigs to which a 20DSS rule applies. Pig keepers will be able to continue to use their approved isolation facilities to manage movements. 

Key principles of QUs:

  • Biosecurity and practical requirements must be met in order to prevent the introduction and spread of disease.
  • QUs must be certified by a Certification Body, accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). A fee will be charged for this service.
  • Animals must remain in a QU for six days before they are moved to the main holding. Different rules, similar to those for approved isolation facilities, will apply to show movements. 
  • QUs will be allocated a unique CPH number and movements into and out of QUs must be reported via the Cattle Tracing System or EIDCymru for sheep and goats. 
  • Farmed holdings can have up to two QUs which can be indoors and/or outdoors.
  • QUs will be subject to unannounced in-use inspections by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). 

We have written to all registered livestock keepers in Wales to remind them of this change and provide an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Quarantine Units operational rules and requirements. 

Detailed guidance on operational rules and requirements is available from the Certification Body website .

It is imperative that, if you wish to have a QU, you read the Certification Body guidance in order to begin your application.

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