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General Movement Licences

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Movements of cattle, deer, sheep, goats and pigs are controlled by general licences.

The Disease Control (Wales) Order 2003 (external link) was established to control the movement of stock and prevent a repeat of the 2001 Foot-and-Mouth outbreak. The Order states that no person may move an animal from any premises unless the movement is made under the authority of a general licence.

Any movement of animals must be fully compliant with the conditions set out in the relevant licence.

The licences detail the current controls in place, including:

  • cleansing and disinfection of vehicles
  • the 6 day standstill
  • multiple pick-ups/drop-offs
  • notification of movements
  • use of Quarantine Units.

Livestock keepers should familiarise themselves with all the conditions of the licence. Failure to comply with the rules laid down in the licences may result in revocation of the general licence and possibly prosecution.

If you want to move cattle which were born or reared in the UK before August 1996 you will need to apply for an individual movement licence. This is an extra precaution against meat from these older cattle entering the food chain. No licences will be granted to move these cattle to markets or through dealers. Contact your local Animal and Plant Health Agency office for further details.

Six day standstill

The standstill prevents animals moving from the holding except for certain exceptions for example animals moving direct to slaughter. When cattle, sheep and goats are moved onto a holding a six day standstill on that premises will be triggered. Pigs moving onto a holding will trigger a 20 day standstill on all pigs on the holding but they will trigger only a 6 day standstill  on any cattle, sheep or goats on the holding. Movements into a Quarantine Unit (QU) will not trigger a 6 day standstill on your main holding, allowing other animals to be moved off while the incoming animals observe the standstill in a QU.

Movements to and from common land

The General Movement Licences have been updated to clarify movements to and from common land. The licences permit movements directly between common land and premises that have the right to use that common land. Movements between common land and any other premises are not permitted. 

The new licences came into effect at midnight on Monday, September 11.

Below are the general movement licences currently in place for cattle, deer, pigs, sheep and goats.

Bovine TB - General licences

Following the regionalisation of the TB eradication programme and the announcement of associated new measures from the 1 October, General Licences enabling certain movements have been established. These allow the movement of: 

  • bovine animals from an accredited herd into the Low TB Area of Wales without the requirement for the keeper to Post-Movement Test (PoMT)
  • bovine animals from a holding in the Low TB Area of Wales to a Non-Exempt Agricultural show before a PoMT has been completed 
  • bovine animals from a Non-Exempt Agricultural show in the Low TB Area of Wales  before a PoMT has been completed.