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Vaccination is a way of protecting a population from infection by making it immune to a disease.

How vaccination works

Vaccines work by stimulating the immune system. Vaccinating a proportion of a population can stop a disease from spreading as there are fewer individuals who can be infected. This is known as ‘herd immunity’.

Badger vaccination

Cattle controls have been effective in clearing infection from parts of the UK where TB in wildlife is not a significant problem. In other areas, repeated badger vaccination should result in a build up of immunity in the badger population. This should reduce the spread of the disease to cattle.

Cattle vaccine

There is no effective treatment for infected cattle. We are working to develop a cattle vaccine which will help prevent the disease spreading. In the future we hope that it can be used to help protect the cattle population. It will be a combination of measures aimed at all the sources of infection that will allow us to eradicate bovine TB.