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TB compensation

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We have made changes to how TB compensation is paid, to encourage herd owners to follow best practice.

Compensation rules

The arrangements for paying compensation for cattle slaughtered because of TB are set out in the Tuberculosis (Wales) Order 2010 (as amended). Compensation is based on the market value of the animal.

How is compensation calculated?

We will appoint a valuer who will determine the market value of the animal. Ordinarily this will be the amount of compensation paid, taking in to account that:

  • the salvage value of the animal will be paid if it is more than the market value
  • the highest amount of compensation we will pay for an animal is £5,000.

The Order also includes rules that can affect the amount of compensation that a cattle keeper can receive for any animal slaughtered for TB. If the rules have not been followed the amount of compensation may be reduced by up to 95%. More detail on when compensation may be reduced is contained in the document at the bottom of this page.

Animals brought into a restricted herd

When a herd containing an animal suspected of having TB is identified, it is placed under movement restrictions. Bringing healthy cattle into herds with a known TB problem goes against the principles of infectious disease control. This is why no restocking is allowed until the remaining cattle have completed one or more clear TB test.

At this point there may be a need for cattle to be moved onto a restricted farm and we may licence a farmer to bring an animal into a herd. In the event that the animal is then slaughtered because of TB, before the herd becomes TB free, the compensation for that animal will be reduced. This allows the farmer to restock but means they also share the financial risk of bringing healthy cattle into a herd with a known TB problem.

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