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Biosecurity is the way farmers and owners of farm animals can reduce the risk of disease.
There is a commitment within the Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework to publish each year an annual Implementation Plan.
if you've seen a term you don't understand, please check here for an explanation.

Biosecurity is about preventing the introduction of a disease.

A key part of our TB eradication programme is to develop and promote improved biosecurity and husbandry practices. Good biosecurity and animal husbandry can reduce the risk of infection from cattle and badgers.

We aim to improve biosecurity by:

  • giving farmers access to advice so that they can manage and reduce the risks
  • providing information about the potential risks:
    • some livestock markets have upgraded their facilities to allow TB information to be prominently displayed
    • information on the location of affected farms is available on the ibTB website (external link).

A genetic index has also been introduced to help dairy farmers breed cows which have improved resistance to TB. It is available at Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) dairy (external link).

Biosecurity advice is also available from:

  • vets (farmers experiencing a TB breakdown are eligible for a free Cymorth TB visit)
  • the TB hub (external link).