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All pet dogs, cats and ferrets can enter or re-enter the UK without quarantine provided they meet the applicable rules.
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Logan, the Beagle puppy

In general terms "companion animals" are all those species of animals which are kept for companionship and which are often referred to as pets.

It is widely recognised that many species other than dogs and cats contribute to human companionship. Examples include rabbits, rodents, cage birds, exotic species, and in particular ornamental fish.

It is difficult to attribute the variety of emotive gestures and signals seen in dogs and cats to these species. These are usually interpreted as expressions of attachment and affection.

Though these species cannot be as expressive in their relationship with an owner, there must be clear stewardship established for the welfare of the animal.

It must be treated as a companion animal rather than merely as a status symbol, an ornament or plaything.

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