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Delivering the Youth Guarantee in Wales

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The Youth Guarantee is a new proactive and positive offer that will help to ensure that all young people have access to a suitable place in education and learning at age 16.

In October 2013 Welsh Government (WG) set out our approach to increasing youth engagement and progression and launched the Youth Engagement and Progression Framework - Implementation Plan (IP).

The Youth Guarantee will provide: 

  • a way to collect young peoples information on their intended post 16 future
  • a follow up to check the progress of a successful transition
  • a clear process to ensure all young people receive a suitable offer of education and training
  • and those needing support will receive personalised support.

What is the Youth Guarantee? 

The Youth Guarantee is the offer, acceptance and commencement of a suitable place in education or training. It is for any young person making the first time transition from compulsory education at age 16.

A place in education or training includes:

  • a part / full time place in a school or college 
  • an Apprenticeship opportunity
  • a Welsh Government Traineeship place
  • a place on a re-engagement programme
  • a volunteering opportunity
  • a Level 2 training programme during employment

A suitable offer for a young person is one that is appropriate to their individual needs. This means it must be at the right level; geographical location; occupational sector and learning method and  engages them in education, training or other activities. It will help progress them towards sustainable employment.

The Youth Guarantee is to be  tested in a number of local authorities for the first time in September 2014 with full national roll-out from September 2015

Successful areas have come together to draft a Youth Guarantee guidance document. This guidance will be further amended and improved during the implementation phase. Final guidance will be published in the spring 2015.