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Data exchange

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Information on how schools must send and exchange information securely in line with our information management strategy.

We have two secure websites for schools to use when sending or exchanging data; the Data Exchange Initiative and School 2 School. Both websites can be accessed via the Schools’ Portal (external link).

If you have any queries, please contact your local authority data support team or

The Data Exchange Initiative (DEWi)

DEWi is a secure transfer facility for use by schools, local authorities (LAs) and central organisations.

It should be used for the transfer of statutory data returns and generic files between:

  • schools and their LA (one way)
  • LAs and the Welsh Government (two way).

School 2 School (S2S)

S2S allows schools to securely exchange electronic records when a pupil joins or leaves a school. Each exchange must be accompanied by a Common Transfer File (CTF).

'The Education (Pupil Information) (Wales) Regulations 2011' (external link) set out the requirements in relation to the CTF.

Concise guidance is available on these regulations and Circular 18/2006 offers guidance on the statutory responsibility of schools in relation to the transfer of pupil information. The concise guidance replaces some sections in the circular.