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Data Collections

We aim to limit the number of data requests made to schools through the collection of individual pupil data.

At present the main collections of individual pupil data are:

  • the Post-16 collection
  • the Pupil Level Annual School Census (PLASC)
  • the Educated Other Than At School Pupil Level Collection (EOTAS)
  • the National Data Collection (NDC)
  • the Attendance Collections
  • the Welsh National Test Collection.

Software Development Forum

The Software Development Forum (SDF) allows us to meet with suppliers of management information software, local authorities and software user groups.

The main purpose of the meetings is to ensure that everyone involved in the specification and development of school software systems is aware of our requirements in terms of the development of electronic data collections from schools.

SDF meetings are planned around the timetable of specification and software releases on an annual cycle, which means they tend to take place in February, March, June, October and November.

If your company is interested in being represented at SDF meetings, and wish to be included in mailing of specification documents, please email