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The Education Improvement Grant for Schools

The Education Improvement Grant (EIG), established in April 2015, provides financial assistance to schools, local authorities and regional education consortia to improve educational outcomes for all learners.

The grant supports the four strategic objectives in Education in Wales: Our national mission, our long-term vision for the education of 3-19 year old learners in Wales. The overarching aims of the grant are to support activity focused on:

  • improving the quality of teaching and learning
  • addressing learners’ barriers to learning and improving inclusion
  • improving the leadership of educational settings
  • improving the provision for learners and the engagement of learners.  

We recognise that schools, Local Authorities and regional consortia are best placed to understand the needs of their learners and determine the most effective method of delivering improvements. Therefore, we review the EIG based on the outcomes and give them the flexibility to provide resources at areas of greatest need.

Under the terms and conditions of the grant, Local Authorities and their regional consortia are accountable for a series of outcomes and outcome measures to evidence how improvements are being delivered. Schools use their statutory School Development Plans to ensure the grant funding supports their individual school improvement journey as well as the local, regional and national priorities.

Funding is distributed to regional education consortia in accordance with an agreed formula and funding methodology.

More information on regional education consortia is available on the following consortia websites:

  • ERW - South West and Mid Wales (external link)
  • GwE - North Wales (external link)
  • EAS - South East Wales (external link)
  • CSC - Central South Wales (external link)

Regional consortia also administer the Pupil Development Grant, which provides targeted support for schools to reduce the impact of deprivation on educational attainment.