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Inclusion and pupil support guidance

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Guidance for head teachers and parents.
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Guidance for schools, local authorities and their partners relating to the inclusion and pupil support of compulsory school age learners (although some elements will apply to all learners).

For use when planning an inclusive education service which focusses on a model of differentiated support.

The document is intended to be a ‘living’ document and will be reviewed where changes to legislation and policy make the guidance outdated. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that they are referring to the most up to date version of this guidance.

Where the guidance provided in the document differs from that provided in the more detailed subject guidance; the subject guidance will always take precedence.

Previously the School Attendance Codes guidance, issued in June 2010, formed part of the Inclusion & Pupil Support guidance. Following consultation on the revised Inclusion and Support guidance this is now a ‘stand-alone’ document. The information on the attendance codes has not changed.

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