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School organisation proposals

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The School Organisation Code imposes requirements and provides guidelines in respect of school organisation proposals.
This booklet provides information for children about the steps LAs have to take before making changes to their schools.
Guidance on consulting with learners whose school is affected by a school organisation proposal.

Local authorities (LAs) must regularly review the provision of schools within their area.

The LA may decide that there is a need to reorganise the provision of schools and this may involve bringing forward proposals to:

  • establish a new school
  • close a school 
  • make a regulated alteration to a school.

Proposals to make regulated alterations to Foundation or Voluntary schools must be brought forward by the governors of the individual schools.

It is our responsibility to establish the policy and legal framework for these proposals. Proposals must comply with School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 (external link) and the School Organisation Code.

All proposals must go through a consultation period with interested parties. If the LA decides to move ahead with the proposal, interested parties have chance to object during a 28 day period.

Local authorities may find it useful to view our circular ‘Measuring the capacity of schools in Wales’ when considering the reorganisation of school provision.

Details of school organisation proposals for which a statutory notice has been published can be found under the relevant LA section, as well as all proposals that have been implemented within the last 12 months. You can view older proposals on the UK Web Archive (external link).

Faith in education provides an overview of the organisation and role of schools with a designated religious character in the education system.