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Rewriting the future: raising ambition and attainment in Welsh schools

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Creating a strong economy which delivers prosperity and security for all individuals, families and communities in Wales is a key priority for Welsh Government.
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Schools, working with their partners, urgently need to break down the barriers faced by learners from deprived backgrounds by acting as the central focus for interventions and support.

The document shows what schools need to do, why deprivation matters and the evidence base for the four main themes of the strategy, which are:

  • Family and Community Engagement
  • The Early Years
  • High Quality Learning and Teaching
  • High Expectations and Aspirations

Schools have a pivotal role in breaking the link between deprivation and educational attainment. This is why we have focused on the actions that schools need to take and on the actions that Welsh Government and Consortia need to take to support schools in their endeavours.