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Governance arrangements

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To help us to achieve our aims we have established robust governance arrangements.

The following groups have been established.

Independent Advisory Group

The Independent Advisory Group, chaired by Professor Graham Donaldson, will ensure that implementation remains true to the vision set out in Successful Futures and the recommendations in Teaching Tomorrow’s Teachers. It will also ensure that the New Deal for the Education Workforce complements and underpins that vision and supports the workforce to develop the capacity and capability to deliver. The Group will also offer advice and assurance in terms of progress and readiness to deliver.

Change Board

The Change Board will be responsible for the successful delivery of the programme, providing strategic direction and ensuring coherence across the whole. The Board will work closely with the Independent Advisory Group. It will oversee progress of component projects against an agreed programme plan, including progress against milestones; monitor programme level risks, issues and dependencies; and monitor progress and impact of the Communication and Engagement Strategy.

Areas of Learning and Experience groups

We will also establish a number of stakeholder groups to support the design and development of each Areas of Learning and Experience, more information will be made available about the make up of these groups in due course.

Strategic Stakeholder Group

The Strategic Stakeholder Group will ensure that key stakeholders are informed of and involved in the development of the approach to implementing the programme over the coming years. It will act as a critical friend and provide external challenge, scrutiny and advice. It will also play a part in communicating key messages and progress with implementation to its key audiences, helping to develop consensus and in gathering and feeding back the views of those audiences to the Welsh Government.