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Qualifications and their regulation

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On 21 September 2015 Qualifications Wales was established as the regulator of qualifications in Wales and the Welsh Ministers’ functions related to the regulation of qualifications in Wales were repealed.

The Review of Qualifications for 14-19 years olds in Wales recommended that Wales should have an independent qualifications authority, at arms length from government, in order to strengthen and simplify the qualifications system in Wales.

The Qualifications Wales Act 2015 established Qualification Wales as an independent regulator for Wales. The organisation’s principal aims are:

  • to ensure that qualifications, and the Welsh qualifications system, are effective for meeting the reasonable needs of learners in Wales
  • to promote public confidence in qualifications and in the Welsh qualifications system.

Overall responsibility for qualifications policy in Wales remains with the Welsh Ministers. Qualifications Wales will provide evidence, research and support as the expert, independent authority in Wales on qualifications.

The Welsh Government provides an annual grant to Qualifications Wales. The grant allocation letter specifies those areas of education policy to which Qualifications Wales should have regard and on which the Welsh Ministers would want Qualifications Wales to advise on in the first year. In line with the Act and the Welsh Ministers’ intention that Qualifications Wales will act independently, the grant allocation letter does not set out the work or objectives of the body.

Further information

For further information on the work of Qualifications Wales, please visit their website.