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Review of the Cost of Administering the Education System in Wales

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This Education Review examines how education funding in Wales is allocated to schools, colleges and universities. It is being conducted in two stages. The first stage of the review reported in May 2010. The report identifies a range of key opportunities which were considered further through the Front Line Resources Review. A report on the progress made one year on from publication and the next steps is attached below.

The Minister for Children, Education & Lifelong Learning (CELL) announced on 18th January that he had commissioned a major independent review of the costs of administering education in Wales. Phase one of the review, which was undertaken by the consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers it reported in May 2010 and its findings were taken forward through the Front Line Resources Review.

This work seeks, to identify opportunities for redirecting funding to the front line and is fully in line with the wider Beecham review of public services.

The review was designed to refocus educational investment to ensure that more money reaches the front line.

The review is fully supported by the First Minister and the Minister for Local Government and Communities who share the Education Minister’s desire to streamline the education funding system.