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Independent review of Digital Classroom Teaching Task and Finish Group

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The Minister for Education and Skills, Leighton Andrews AM, commissioned a review of digital classroom teaching in September 2011.

He set up an external task and finish group to lead the review. The aim was to identify 'which digital classroom delivery aspects should be adopted to transform learning and teaching' for those aged 3 to 19.

In particular, the group was asked to consider:

  • how high-quality, accessible digital classroom content could be developed;
  • how National Grid for Learning (NGfL) Cymru was used, and whether there was a more effective way to deliver its aims
  • whether and how a cloud-based content delivery system (e.g. the 'iTunes University' model); would work alongside a virtual learning environment (VLE) for Wales
  • how high-quality English and Welsh language content could be generated;
  • how to develop Welsh intellectual property which can be used to deliver digital teaching content and
  • how teachers might get the digital teaching skills to use ICT to transform schools.

The group was also asked to identify the implications for funding, planning and governance of services arising from these points.

The group carried out its work in a series of meetings and digital communications between November 2011 and February 2012. It heard from invited presenters and considered written responses by teachers and others to an invitation to submit views on the subject.

The group's report recommends action to introduce, embed and promote the use of digital technologies in education. The group believes strongly that digital technologies, combined with sound pedagogy, can make a substantial difference to learning experiences and provider performance.