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Commissioned reviews

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Policy reviews enable us to scrutinise existing policies. These are usually undertaken by independent experts.

We commission internal and external reviews to help inform and strengthen policy making decisions. Reviews vary in size, complexity and timescales. Experienced practitioners and experts from within the subject area work on these reviews. 

Reviews are often established as 'Task and Finish Groups'. These groups are set up by seeking nominations from interested parties and the main political parties in Wales. Task and finish groups are ad-hoc advisory panels set up to perform a particular task, produce a report and then disband. Their work is usually relatively short term, and usually of a very specific and focused nature. 

Special educational needs transition from school to further learning - final report

Transitions for young people with special educational needs, learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

More able and talented provision across Wales

Review to identify the current provision offered to more able and talented (MAT) pupils in Wales.

Maths Task and Finish Group - report and recommendations

Recommendations have been made on how to improve mathematics teaching and learning in Wales.

Task and finish group on music services in Wales

This report sets out the findings of the task and finish group convened to examine the role of local authority music services in supporting schools to deliver high quality music education.

Teaching tomorrow’s teachers

Publication of Professor John Furlong’s report on the future of Initial Teacher Education and Training in Wales.

One language for all: review of Welsh second language at Key Stages 3 and 4

In July 2012, the Minister for Education and Skills established a Group to review Welsh second language at Key Stages 3 and 4 and to consider how to address poor standards and low attainment in the subject.

Arts in Education in the Schools of Wales

Our response to the independent report by Professor Dai Smith.

Raising our sights: review of Welsh for Adults

The Review Group made 24 recommendations on the future of the Welsh for Adults programme.

A Review of Initial Teacher Training in Wales

The Review of Initial Teacher Training in Wales Report, a Written Statement and response to the report recommendations has been published.
Physical Literacy - an all Wales approach to increasing levels of physical activity for children and young people

Physical Literacy - an all Wales approach to increasing levels of physical activity for children and young people

The opportunity provided to the group by the Welsh Government was to produce a report that was progressive in its outlook and well evidenced by international good practice.
Find it, make it, use it, share it: learning in digital Wales

Independent review of Digital Classroom Teaching Task and Finish Group

The Minister for Education and Skills, Leighton Andrews AM, commissioned a review of digital classroom teaching in September 2011.

Review of the Cost of Administering the Education System in Wales

This Education Review examines how education funding in Wales is allocated to schools, colleges and universities. It is being conducted in two stages. The first stage of the review reported in May 2010. The report identifies a range of key opportunities which were considered further through the Fro ...

Structure of Education Services Review Task and Finish Group

This page details the Education Services Review Task and Finish Group. The group took a long-term, whole system view on whether education structures enable and support the delivery of best value services to the citizens of Wales. It ran in parallel with the Front Line Resources Review programme, li ...

Independent Review of Governance Arrangements for Further Education Institutions in Wales

The Minister for Children, Education and Lifelong Learning established an expert review panel to explore different models of governance for Further Education Institutions in the context of the current socio-economic environment.