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Learning for children and young people in a youth custody setting in Wales - Statutory guidance

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This document is the Welsh Assembly Government’s guidance on the application of the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009, Section 48–52. This relates to the education and training of children and young people from Wales in youth custody.

This document is statutory guidance for local authorities in Wales.  

It underpins their responsibilities to help support the education and training of children and young people in youth custody. It includes education and training provision for 10-17 year olds (and some 18 year olds who have remained in youth custody because they are near the end of their sentence) and who are detained in the following establishments:

  • prison service young offender institutions for juveniles (prison service YOIs);
  • privately managed young offender institutions (privately managed YOIs);
  • secure training centres (STCs); and
  • secure children’s homes (SCHs).

It is important to ensure that learning in custody is aligned as closely as possible with learning in the mainstream sector, whilst at the same time tailoring it to meet the needs of this particular group of children and young people.