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Global futures – a plan to improve and promote modern foreign languages in Wales

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The five-year plan sets out how we will work with the regional education consortia and key partners to help learners in Wales communicate effectively in other languages and appreciate other cultures.

The plan sets out three strategic actions:

  • to promote and raise the profile of modern foreign languages as an important subject not only at GCSE (Level 2) but also as a longer term choice which can lead to career opportunities
  • build capacity and support for the professional development of the education workforce to deliver modern foreign languages effectively from Year 5 onwards, enabling all learners to benefit from the bilingual plus 1 strategy via Professional Development for the education workforce, review of the Initial Teacher Education or Training (ITET) and pioneer schools network
  • to provide enhanced learning opportunities to engage and excite learners.

An annual report which looks at the progress made during the first year of the plan (2015-2016), is also available.