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Flying Start

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Flying Start is to be a specific grant to local authorities initially until the financial year 2010-2011. It will aim to make a decisive difference to the life chances of children aged under 4 in the areas in which it runs. It is to be complementary to Cymorth early years funding and the Foundation Phase. It will also contribute to achieving the standards in the National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services.
It is proposed that the funding will be strongly targeted at the 0-3 age group, with a high level of notional funding per child. The central objective will be to improve the child’s outcomes, both in preparation for school and long term.  Initially, the children who will benefit from the programme will live in the catchment areas of specified infant and primary schools. The centrepiece of services delivered will be free part time good quality childcare for two year olds – a step forward from our existing commitment to three year olds, and the support to childcare currently available through Cymorth. Depending on local discretion and the pattern of existing services, the funding should also deliver increased health visitor support and well evaluated parenting programmes: it will deliver wherever possible from new integrated centres or community focused schools.

A public consultation on the Assembly Government’s proposals for Flying Start took place between November 2005 and February 2006. The original document and the report on the findings of the consultation are here: