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Becoming a Qualified Teacher: Handbook of Guidance - Circular No: 017/2009

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From September 2019 all students commencing ITE programmes will be subject to new professional standards. This revised version of the 'Becoming a Qualified Teacher – Handbook of Guidance' replaces circular No: 41/2006. This circular only applies to students starting their ITE programme prior to September 2019.

We have introduced revised Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Standards which incorporate technical amendments to reflect the revised curriculum in Wales.

The Qualified Teacher Status Standards Wales 2009 (2009 No. 25) has applied to all trainees on all Initial Teacher Training (ITT) courses or employment-based programmes since 1 September 2009. The previous Qualified Teacher Status Standards 2006 (2006 No. 49), has ceased to have effect from that date.

Changes are restricted to the Standards which have been altered and to adding references to new or replacement policies and guidance materials which have been introduced since the previous circular was published. Circular No: 41/2006 also covered the statutory Requirements for ITT Courses. No changes have been made to the Requirements, but the supporting text in the replacement Circular has been updated to cover statutory changes and updated guidance references.

The purpose of the guidance is to assist ITT providers in the design and delivery of their ITT courses. It should help them maximise the opportunities for development that the QTS Standards and ITT Course Requirements offer. It contains non-statutory guidance aimed at helping everyone involved in ITT (including trainees) understand the aims and scope of both the Standards and Requirements.

‘Requirements for initial school teacher training courses at higher education institutions in Wales’ information document no. 127/2013 replaces the requirements section in the ‘Becoming a Qualified Teacher: Handbook of Guidance (2009) Circular no. 127/2013 No. 017/2009.