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Planning to Increase Access to Schools for Disabled Pupils: Circular 15/04

This circular deals with duties placed on local authorities (LAs) and responsibility bodies for schools to plan for and implement action to improve accessibility for disabled pupils.

Schools Causing Concern - Guidance for schools and local authorities

This statutory guidance provides information on the legislative requirements in relation to intervention in schools causing concern.

Becoming a Qualified Teacher: Handbook of Guidance - Circular No: 017/2009

From September 2019 all students commencing ITE programmes will be subject to new professional standards. This revised version of the 'Becoming a Qualified Teacher – Handbook of Guidance' replaces circular No: 41/2006. This circular only applies to students starting their ITE programme prio ...

Teaching and teaching qualifications

This information document looks at two related issues.

Respecting others: anti-bullying guidance

'Respecting others' is a series of anti-bullying materials that provide guidance and practical solutions on preventing and responding to incidents of bullying in schools.
Complaints procedures for school governing bodies in Wales Guidance

School Governing Body Complaints Procedures: Circular No 011/2012

The Welsh Government has developed amended guidance to help Schools in Wales establish effective complaints procedures.

Measuring the capacity of schools in Wales

The capacity of a school is the number of pupils it can accommodate.

School Prospectuses: Circular 14/01 (revised November 2011)

This Circular provides guidance to schools and Governing Bodies on the statutory content of School Prospectuses.
Guidance for Governing Bodies on School Uniform and Appearance Policies

Guidance for Governing Bodies on School Uniform and Appearance Policies (revised July 2011)

This document provides guidance for governing bodies and headteachers on issues relating to implementing or changing a school uniform and appearance policy.

Learner Involvement Strategies: Guidance for lifelong learning and skills providers in Wales

As part of our Quality and Effectiveness Framework, we are introducing new requirements for post-16 learning providers to establish formal learner involvement strategies. Learner involvement will be central to our Quality and Effectiveness Framework (QEF), and to Estyn’s new Common Inspection Frame ...

The learning journey for young people placed by the Youth Justice Board (YJB) in Secure Children’s Homes (SCHs) in Wales

This document covers requirements for the provision of education and training for young people placed in SCHs via the YJB.
Collecting and recording data on pupils' ethnic background

Collecting and recording data on pupils' ethnic background

This guidance for schools and local education authorities (LEAs) provides new advice on the collection and recording of data on pupils’ national identity and ethnic background. It replaces National Assembly for Wales Circular 27/02 ‘Collecting and Recording Data on Pupils’ Ethnic Background’ which ...

Consultation on Subject Area Weights and Learner Cap Extension within the National Planning and Funding System (NPFS) - NC/C/05/04NPFS

The purpose of this consultation is to allow providers reasonable opportunity to feedback on the final refinements of the NPFS model before its live application.

Learning Pathways 14-19 Guidance

The Welsh Assembly Government is committed to transforming 14–19 provision in Wales. We want: '95 per cent of young people by the age of 25 to be ready for high skilled employment or higher education by 2015' Learning Pathways consist of a blend of six key elements which, in combination, wil ...

Community Focused Schools: Circular 34/03


Handbook of Good Practice for Children with Special Educational Needs

The Welsh Assembly Government is committed to the provision of high quality education services and to enabling all children and young people to reach their true potential.

Respecting others: anti bullying guidance: circular 23/03

This guidance aims to provide information on tackling bullying in schools.

PSE and WRE in the Basic Curriculum: Circular 13/03


Governor's annual reports: guidance for governing bodies - circular 15/2001

This circular is addressed to Chairs of School Governing Bodies.