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Oxbridge Ambassador Project

The Seren Network was established following the Oxbridge Ambassador Project.

About the project

Paul Murphy, then MP for Torfaen and former Secretary of State for Wales, was appointed as Oxbridge Ambassador by the Minister for Education and Skills in May 2013. The appointment was made as data appeared to show that there had been a decline in recent years in Welsh entrants to the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge Universities. We needed to understand the reasons for the decline and take steps to improve the situation.

What the project involved

The project, led by the Ambassador, focused on the following areas:

  • reviewing all available research and data on applications and admissions to Oxbridge to understand the reasons behind the decline
  • identifying barriers to student choice
  • evaluation of existing initiatives and programmes to encourage applications to Oxbridge
  • promotion of the importance of aspiration and attainment
  • improving understanding of what studying at Oxbridge involves and the benefits of studying at these institutions
  • identifying considerations for Welsh Government Policy
  • providing recommendations on how to improve application and admission rates.

An interim report was submitted to the Minister for Education and Skills in December 2013. The final report was published in June 2014.  Both reports can be found on the ‘Final report’ page.