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We are investing in our future talent. Here’s how the Seren Network can help support this.


If you've been invited to join Seren - congratulations! You are one of the smartest teenagers in Wales. You’ve done really well in your GCSEs and we want to help you achieve your full potential and support you through the decisions you will be making over the next two years.

If you are passionate about a particular subject, you’ll get additional support to extend your knowledge. You will also meet like-minded students who also want to learn more and work hard.

If you’d like to go to university, securing a place means competing with thousands of other applicants from around the world. You’ll receive practical help with all aspects of the application process, to help you stand out from the crowd.

You deserve all the information and support you need to consider the opportunities available to you; the Seren Network will help with that.

Parents and carers

Fantastic news! Your daughter or son is one of the smartest teenagers in Wales and we think they have the potential to study at one of the UK’s leading universities. By being part of the Seren Network, your child will have access to the best support available to help them decide on their future.

We’ll discuss university options with them and help them through the university application process if they decide to pursue this. They will also meet like-minded smart students from the area, who also want to work hard and are passionate about their studies. All this activity is free of charge.

Seren Network will help your teenager to reach their full potential.


Teachers are the heart of the Seren Network: each regional hub is a partnership of teachers in the area, working together to share expertise and resources to support the highest achievers.

Being part of the network is the best way to support your high achieving students, because it offers a coordinated programme of activities for your students. We have worked with leading universities to develop materials which will support teachers in the delivery of super-curricular activities, and will provide other opportunities to share expertise, such as conferences and online resources.

The Seren Network is also the best way to access support from universities - tutors and students will be available to deliver workshops for your students in Wales and sometimes on-site at the universities.

Governing bodies

The Seren Network is a great opportunity for your school or college to be part of. Teachers will benefit from a supportive network of skills, expertise and resources which will aid them in supporting your students.

The Seren Network nurtures the smartest students in Wales, helping them to reach their full potential. All students in your school or college will benefit from the up skilling of teachers and tutors, and the increased ambition and enthusiasm of the Seren Network participants may spread to other students.

Through effective local partnership working, the Seren Hubs will provide the support that teachers need to stretch and challenge the highest achievers. These students will receive all the information and advice they need to competitively apply to leading universities. By working in collaboration, schools and colleges will maximise the impact and efficiency of the resources available.