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Learner Voice Wales

Learner Voice Wales is the Welsh Government's post-16 learner satisfaction survey.

It was first developed and piloted in 2009 and 2010 and underwent further refinement in 2013, before it was delivered annually for three years.

It was one of the proposed suite of consistent post-16 performance measures, however a decision was taken in 2015 to place the survey on hold whilst we focused resources on developing the other measures.

Between 2013 and 2015 the survey included learners enrolled in:

  • further education
  • work-based learning
  • adult community learning
  • Welsh for Adults centres.

The survey asked learners a set of core questions focused on:

  • advice and guidance
  • the quality of learning and teaching
  • support
  • wellbeing
  • overall satisfaction with the learning experience.

Providers who took part in the survey received a summary report based on their learners’ views, and more detailed data for further analyses. Providers were expected to use the benchmarks to identify strengths and weaknesses and take action to improve their learners’ experiences. The survey also generated evidence to inform Estyn inspections.

Annual headline statistics as well as national reports and further information on the questionnaire are available within the Statistics and Research area.