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Post 16 Planning and Funding Framework - The programmes directory

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A directory of information on the current list of programmes that are eligible for post-16 funding.

A programme approach to funding is based on a package of learning with a purpose and outcome for progression to employment or higher education. Each programme will attract a funding value that will be used to plan, monitor and account for the use of funds. For 2017/18 only eligible programmes will be funded.

The latest version of the programmes directory lists the programmes which will be eligible for funding and sets out the requirements for each eligible programme. The directory will be regularly updated to allow for changes to programme details, and any additions and deletions of programmes.

The directory is presented as a series of 12 sector subject areas and includes a section for general education programmes. The downloadable chapters contained on the following pages replace all older versions of the programmes directory, which was first published in June 2013.

A background note is provided to accompany the programmes directory. This provides the latest information about the programmes directory, and sets out the background, content, and development trajectory for the programmes directory.

If you have any questions on the contents of the programmes directory please email: