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Early years and pre-school education

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FIS provide information and advice on local services for 0-25 year olds, from childcare to holiday activities.

There are a number of options available for your child to start learning through the medium of Welsh.

Begin their bilingual journey.

Mudiad Meithrin

Mudiad Meithrin is the main provider of Welsh-medium pre-school education to children in Wales. There are over 500 Welsh-medium playgroups across Wales. These are called Cylch Meithrin.

Mudiad Meithrin also provides parent and toddler groups which provide opportunities for parents/carers to engage in activities that promote the development of the Welsh language in children from birth to school age. These groups are commonly known as Cylch Ti a fi and provide parents/carers with the opportunity to meet, socialise and share experiences in an informal Welsh setting, whilstoffering their children the chance to start learning Welsh.

Find out more about Welsh-medium pre-school playgroups (Cylch Meithrin) and baby and toddler groups (Cylch Ti a Fi) in your area on the Mudiad Meithrin website.

Nursery and childcare provision

Some local authorities offer nursery provision in primary schools for your child to attend following his or her third birthday, including Welsh-medium or bilingual schools.

In many areas of Wales there are registered child-minders and private day nurseries that offer Welsh-medium or bilingual provision within their settings.

Further information about nursery and childcare provision can be obtained by contacting your local Family Information Service (FIS).

View our short film ‘First Steps’ to find out more about ‘Cylch Meithrin’ and how you can begin their bilingual journey.