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Post 16

The use of the ULN is essential to many qualifications and will enable better administration.

As a result of the UK Vocational Qualifications Reform Programme (UK VQRP), vocational and work related qualifications in Wales have changed to meet the needs of employers and learners more suitably. All vocational qualifications and their units have a level and a credit value which enable learning to be more flexible.

In addition to the vocational qualifications reform, the Welsh Baccalaureate requires enhanced administration systems to aggregate achievement for each learner. The introduction of a unique identifier for learners is essential to accumulate the different components.

The ULN is being requested by DFES in the Lifelong Learning Wales Record (LLWR) return for all Work Based Learning (WBL). Whilst the ULN is not mandated for other provision, awarding organisations will increasingly require the ULN for registration purposes.