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This page gives background to the Learning Records Service, formerly known as Managing Information Across Partners.

In the 2001 Post-16 Reforms, the English Government identified a need to provide better services to learners and organisations involved in education and training. They also saw a need to reduce bureaucracy across the sector by improving the management of information.

In 2002 the Managing Information Across Partners Programme was established with the support of 17 organisations involved in education. The Managing Information Across Partners team set out to map the data and management issues across the sector and identify options for improvement.

They identified the need to:

  • Introduce common data definitions to be used and shared by all organisations across the sector;
  • Create a UK Register of Learning Providers.  For more information go to the UK Register of Learning Providers website;
  • Introduce a Unique Learner Number for everyone in education and training, accessed through a web based Learner Registration Service. For more information please go to the Unique Learner Number website and Learner Registration Service website;
  • Establish a mechanism for enabling learners to create their own records of participation and achievement.  Which they can share with advisers, providers and potential employers should they choose to.

The delivery of Managing Information Across Partners is the responsibility of the Skills Funding Agency.  Please visit  the Skills Funding Agency website for more information.

The Managing Information Across Partners Programme is now supported by more than 40 partner organisations, and has moved a long way towards delivering against the initial proposals:

  • A Common Data Definition has been agreed. This is being fed into the work of the Cross Education Information Standards Board;
  • The UK Register of Learning Providers was launched in August 2005;
  • The Learner Registration Service and Unique Learner Number tests and trials were completed in August 2007;
  • The Learner Registration Service was launched in September 2007 to a group of 60 early adopter organisations – there are now over 5400 organisations registered;
  • There are almost 9 million individuals with a Unique Learner Number;
  • The Personal Learning Record was launched in 2009.

In September 2010 the name Managing Information Across Partners has been replaced by the Learning Records Service.