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The All-Wales Travel Behaviour Code

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Headteachers must make learners aware of their rights and responsibilities when they travel to and from school.

The All-Wales Travel Behaviour Code gives advice on:

  • how to have a safe journey
  • how transport could be withdrawn from learners who break the code.

It applies to all learners aged 5-19 regardless of the way they travel from home to school (or between schools).

The Code is in two parts:

  • the School Bus Behaviour Code which provides advice on keeping safe on the bus journey between home and school
  • the Wales Travel Behaviour Code which provides general travel safety advice.

The Parental Guide on the Travel Behaviour Code sets out:

  • parents’ responsibilities for making sure their children stick to it
  • how and why transport could be withdrawn if the code is broken.

Document Download

Adobe PDF document
Parent guide (File size: 100KB)