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Learner travel

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Key information on learner transport and our policies and procedures in this area.

Learner Travel (Wales) Measure 2008

The Learner Travel (Wales) Measure 2008 (external site) sets out school travel policy for Wales. It includes the delivery of improvements for learners through increasing entitlement to transport for young children, making it free for primary school children if they live two miles or further from the nearest suitable school.

The Measure also allowed the Welsh Ministers to produce the first ever All Wales Travel Behaviour Code (The Travel Code). This is a statutory part of the Measure. Information and guidance about the code can be found on the Travel Code page found in the left-hand menu. To go alongside the Measure we have produced guidance for ensuring safe travel to schools.

The Parental Guide on Learner Travel is a guide to help parents understand learner travel policy.

It sets out how learners qualify for free transport; provides information on the risk assessment of walked routes to school; and describes the travel behaviour code, including what happens when learners do not stick to it.

Learner Travel Statutory Provision and Operational Guidance 2014

This guidance includes statutory provisions which local authorities must consider in undertaking their responsibilities under the Learner Travel (Wales) Measure 2008. This guidance includes statutory guidance on risk assessing walked routes to school.

The guidance also includes chapters on school and parental responsibilities and a frequently asked questions section outlining best practice, advisory guidance and useful contact information. The Learner Travel Statutory Provision and Operational Guidance which was issued in 2014 supersedes the Learner Travel Operational Guidance which was issued in 2009.  

Guidance on Home to School Transport Risk Assessments

We have developed non-statutory guidance to help local authorities and operators carry out risk assessments on home to school transport. This should be used for all school transport service contracts:

  • bus
  • coach
  • minibus
  • taxi operators

The guidance can also be modified for use on public services that carry school pupils or for contracts carrying pupils with specific travel requirements.

Safety on Learner Transport (Wales) Measure 2011

The Safety on Learner Transport (Wales) Measure 2011 (external site) gives Welsh Ministers powers to introduce specific safety standards for dedicated school transport. This includes the option to introduce specific driver training, CCTV, escorts and compulsory risk assessment.

As part of this Measure, from 1 October 2014,  it will become compulsory to have seat belts on dedicated home to school buses. The Guidance for the provision of seat belts on dedicated learner transport explains how this legislation complements UK and EU legislation. It is intended for the use of bus operators, local authorities and governing bodies of maintained schools, and describes the duties and responsibilities expected of relevant stakeholders.