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Our footprint for European Social Fund (ESF) delivery 2014 to 2020

A guide for stakeholders on Department for Education and Skills (DfES) supported interventions from 2014 onwards which can be used to identify gaps in provision across Wales.

The footprint document provides a map of activities in relation to youth and adult employment and skills across Wales. It shows a clear link between proposed activity and the new ESF programme.

A description of the employment and skills landscape operating across Wales is also detailed.

It can be used as a mechanism for avoiding duplication across the skills delivery landscape.

Within the document is a guide on proposed DfES supported activity relevant to all of the draft 2014 to 2020 ESF Programme Priorities, not just in relation to employment and skills.

An important aspect of the document is that it provides an opportunity to identify gaps in provision and support.

From September 2014 there will be regular update documents to provide additional information on activities and projects until 2020.

Employment Routes Interactive Skills Maps

Employment Routes is our approach to mapping and presenting employability and skills programmes currently available in Wales.

Our interactive maps:

  • set out the range of support available to individuals and businesses
  • enable individuals and advisers to navigate the full range of support on offer
  • provide a comprehensive picture of the current programmes available.

The Employment Routes skills maps are available online.