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European and International Education

European and international education and policy development is supporting Welsh citizens in acquiring the skills and knowledge needed to play their part on the world stage.

As technology, transport and cultural links continue to improve, the world feels like it is getting increasingly smaller. Never before has it been so important for the people of Wales to take their place as global citizens within a global marketplace.  

Who are we?

Responsibility for European and international engagement in the education field is managed by various policy teams across the department, and coordinated  by  Finance & Corporate Services Division (F&CSD).

F&CSD also works closely with the Government’s European External Affairs Division (EEAD) on wider European and international engagement issues.

What is the benefit of European and international education for Wales?

The main benefits of European and international educational engagement are:

  • enhanced awareness of global issues and cultures, leading to greater tolerance and social inclusion
  • increased opportunities to work, train, teach and study in other countries
  • the promotion of Wales as a place to visit, study and learn
  • a broader based curriculum, with use of the international dimension in education as a learning tool
  • improved school effectiveness and learner attainment
  • improved commercialisation opportunities, including broadening Wales’ research base and the international standing of institutions.

Is there support?

Support is made available for European and international education activity in Wales from Wales based stakeholders, the Welsh Government, the UK Government, and the European Union.