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Visit Wales research

Visit Wales carry out a programme of research through the year. We also commission research and provide advice on research matters.

Our research programme includes:

  • Wales tourism business survey
  • Wales visitor survey
  • Wales tourism accommodation occupancy surveys
  • UK tourism trends and forecasts
  • visits to tourist attractions  
  • Wales in summary
  • Great Britain tourist survey
  • accommodation bedstock
  • international passenger survey (IPS)
  • economic impact of Tourist Information Centres in Wales.

To see details on all Visit Wales research and also access wider Welsh Government research go to our Tourism statistics and research section

You can benefit from participating in some of our surveys, for example:

  • Occupancy survey for self catering and serviced accommodation - you will receive confidential monthly reports on the performance of your business, comparing your results with others in your sector and region. Results provide valuable information on performance and a range of useful trend data.  The results are used widely by our marketing colleagues and for preparing business plans and developing tourism resources.
  • Visits to tourist attractions survey – participating attraction providers will receive reports on visitor numbers. Results enable you to benchmark your operation within your region and sector as a whole.
  • If you provide accommodation or attraction and want to participate in our surveys, please contact the tourism research team by email: