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Sport Wales

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Sport Wales is the national organisation responsible for developing and promoting sport and active lifestyles.

It is a Welsh Government Sponsored Body. Its vision is to 'Unite a proud sporting nation, where every child is hooked on sport for life and where Wales is a nation of champions'.

The Welsh Government sends Sport Wales an annual remit letter. The remit letter confirms the amount of funding being provided and sets out the priorities and targets which Sport Wales should focus on in that year.

It is also responsible for distributing National Lottery funds to sport in Wales.

Grants and funding

Welsh Government funding for sport is channelled through Sport Wales. Sport Wales is the national organization that promotes sport and active lifestyles. It has a number of grants schemes to increase levels of physical activity and sport.

For more information about these schemes and how to apply for funding, visit the 'Grants and Funding' pages of the Sport Wales website (external link).

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