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Inspiring Learning for All

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Inspiring Learning for All is a framework for achieving, measuring and demonstrating outcomes in museums, archives and libraries.

Inspiring Learning is built on a broad and inclusive definition of learning. It

  • is a process of active engagement with experience
  • helps people make sense of the world
  • can include the development of skills, knowledge, understanding, values, ideas or feelings.

Inspiring Learning supports you in:

  • assessing your strengths and plan improvements
  • providing evidence of the impact of your activities through the generic learning and generic social outcomes
  • improving your strategic and operational performance.  

You can find more information and resources to support Inspiring Learning for All in your organisation on the Inspiring Learning for All website (external link).

The public value of learning in museums, archives and libraries

Many museums, archives and libraries offer a range of learning activities for a variety of different audiences. However, it has been difficult for these services to demonstrate the impact that these learning experiences have on those who use the services.

The Generic Learning Outcomes (GLO) and the Generic Social Outcomes (GSO) within the Inspiring Learning for All framework have been developed to help do just that.

The 5 Generic Learning Outcomes measure changes and increases in:

  • knowledge and understanding
  • skills
  • enjoyment, inspiration and creativity
  • activity or progression
  • attitudes and values.

The Generic Social Outcomes measure the contribution that museums, libraries and archives can make in a range of social policy areas:

  • stronger and safer communities
  • health and well-being
  • strengthening public life.

"What works?" toolkit

The toolkit can be used to assist outcome based planning, and the tools it suggests aim to do this in 2 ways:

  • internally, with staff, to facilitate internal discussion around service development
  • externally, with users of the service, to understand what difference is being made to them, through the service.